European Logistics Platform Brochure

pdf ELP Brochure (2.5 MB)    




Combined Transport: Business needs to make intermodal freight transport grow

pdf ELP Combined Transport - Press release (177.3 KB)    



CountEmissionsEU: Why transport needs more transparency in GHG reporting?

pdf ELP CountEmissions EU - Press release (639.4 KB)    




Zero-emission freight transport along the TEN-T network: how to ensure grid capacity and supply?

pdf ELP Zero-emission freight transport along TEN-T - Press release (182.1 KB)    



The New EU Urban Mobility Framework: what implications for freight transport and logistics?

pdf ELP New EU Urban Mobility Framework - Press release (179.6 KB)    



Lack of skilled workforce in the logistics sector: how to overcome shortage and attract talents?

pdf ELP Lack of skilled workforce in the logistics sector - Press Release (233 KB)    



Maritime Supply Chain Challenges in Disrupted Times

pdf ELP Maritime Supply Chain in Disrupted Times - Press Release (223.8 KB)    



ReFuel EU Aviation: a game-changing EU sustainable aviation fuel plan?

pdf ELP ReFuelEU Aviation - Press Release (218.9 KB)    




A race against time: The significant role of alternative fuels infrastructure

pdf ELP Alternative Fuels Infrastructure - Press Release (209.4 KB)    



Tomorrow's mobility begins today - How the logistics sector shapes smart and sustainable mobility

pdf ELP Sustainable and Smart Mobility - Press Release (206.9 KB)    



The European Green Deal and Logistics in Time of Recovery

pdf ELP Green Deal and Logistics - Press Release (212.0 KB)    



COVID-19: Mastering the challenges for Freight Transport now and in the Transition to the Post-pandemic Era

pdf ELP COVID-19 on 06.05.2020 - Press Release (217.9 KB)    



CEF II Supporting Smart, Sustainable and Safe Mobility

pdf ELP CEF II on 04.12.2019 - Press Release (251.4 KB)    



Logistics in Transition - how to handle growing freight transport and the challenges ahead

pdf ELP Logistics in Transition on 25.09.2019 - Press release (251.2 KB)    




Brexit - how business gets ready

pdf ELP Brexit - how business gets ready on 29.01.2019 - Press release (251.2 KB)    





EurAsian Landbridge

pdf ELP EurAsian Landbridges on 20.11.2018 - Press release (127.2 KB)    




Last Mile to the Next European Elections

pdf ELP 5 Year Anniversary Cocktail on 05.09.2018 - Press release (132.5 KB)    




Securing Safe and Secure Parking in the EU

pdf ELP Lunch Debate on 24.04.2018 - Press release (129.7 KB)    




The Future of Multimodal Transport

pdf ELP Lunch Debate on 30.01.2018 - Press release (360.6 KB)    





Transport, Trade and Brexit

pdf ELP Dinner Debate on 27.11.2017 - Press release (381.6 KB)    





Smart Infrastructure Investments

pdf ELP Dinner Debate on 25.07.2017 - Press release (370.3 KB)    




Implementation of the low-emission mobility strategy – the urban context

pdf ELP Dinner Debate on 30.05.2017 - Press release (596.6 KB)    




Unlocking the Potential - Smart Freight Logistics

pdf ELP Dinner Debate on 24.04.2017 - Press release (365.5 KB)    





Women in Transport

pdf ELP Lunch Debate on 24.01.2017 - Press release (125.9 KB)    





The Future of Logistics

pdf First ELP Forum on 15.11.2016 - Press release (138.8 KB)    
 Pictures of the Event    





Impact of the refugee crisis on transport and logistics in the EU

pdf ELP Lunch debate on 01.06.2016 - Press release (291.5 KB)    





Post COP21 – The impact on EU transport and logistics policy

pdf ELP Dinner debate on 22.02.2016 - Press release (64.6 KB)    





Digitalizing transport documents: a Paperless Supply Chain

pdf ELP Lunch debate on 08.12.2015 - Press release (25 KB)    





Successful supply chain solutions: from co-modal to synchro-modal transport

pdf ELP Dinner debate on 15.10.2015 - Press release (86.8 KB)    





Better use of infrastructure through automatisation in Road Freight Transport

pdf ELP Lunch debate on 17.06.2015 - Press release (89.8 KB)    





The impact of the digitalization of transport on the European economy

pdf ELP Lunch debate on 17.03.2015 - Press release (84.2 KB)    





Future Actions on Freight Logistics

pdf ELP Lunch debate on 14.10.2014 - Press release (85.1 KB)    





Cocktail Reception - ELP calls for Interparliamentary Group on Logistics

 ELP Cocktail reception on 24.06.2014 - Press release (25.5 KB)    
 ELP Cocktail reception on 24.06.2014 - Call for Interparliamentary Group on Logistics (310.8 KB)    





European Trade Policy - How to create opportunities for the Logistics industry

 ELP Dinner debate on 01.04.2014 - Press release (198.6 KB)    





The carbon footprint of the supply chain - How the

industry uses EU standards to manage its carbon


 ELP Dinner debate on 03.12.2013 - Press release (160.9 KB)    





City Logistics - How to tackle future challenges for a

sustainable urban development

 ELP Dinner debate on 24.09.2013 - Press release (308.3 KB)    



From resources to recycling - How supply chains work

 ELP Dinner Debate on 24.04.2013 - 1 Julian Böcker - duisport (ELP introduction) (1.2 MB)




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