Unlocking the Potential - Smart Freight Logistics

Time and place:

Date:  24 April 2017
Time:  18:30
Place:  European Parliament, Members’ Salon
Rue Wiertz 60, 1047 Bruxelles


PRESS RELEASE - BRUSSELS, 24 April 2017 - At the second ELP event of this year, hosted by MEP Wim van de Camp around40 policymakers and industry stakeholders came together to discuss initiatives of business and the European Commission related to ‘Smart Freight Logistics.’ At the event hosted by MEP Wim van de Camp (EPP) participants discussed digital innovation and new services in modern freight logistics.


Welcoming participants, MEP van de Camp noted that ‘fostering innovation and pushing initiatives that ease the flow and usage of data must play a crucial role in existing EU funding programs.’ He also highlighted the need to ‘avoid administrative burden with a view to facilitating the conversion of innovative solutions into marketable solutions.’


Two industry representatives shared their knowledge and experience on smart freight logistics. Matthijs van Doorn, Manager of Logistics from the Port of Rotterdam gave some insight in how the Port of Rotterdam works with the market to stimulate innovation. The Port Authority places heavy emphasis on attracting start-ups to the Port of Rotterdam. With the Rotterdam Logistics Lab (RLL) the Port of Rotterdam Authority creates an ecosystem where transport data can be exchanged real-time in order to optimize the logistics chain. Together with partners such as (inland) terminals, liners, shippers and Portbase, Rotterdam is working on the disclosure of real-time data that is not yet being shared at the moment.


Christophe Kuss, Marketing Manager of Goodyear Proactive Solutions, showcased how the digital economy is starting to reshape road freight operations. Presenting Goodyear Proactive Solutions, the company’s latest business model for truck fleets, Kuss shared highlighted examples of Vehicle-To-Fleet operations management solutions featuring advanced telematics and predictive analytics technology. In an environment defined by increasing digitalization, particularly in the transport sector, tire technology will become all the more important and tires will acquire new roles as part of vehicle-to-vehicle communication. The use and integration of tires in digital, connected systems delivers on the objectives of both customers and regulators to help improving road safety, fuel economy, low CO2 and congestion-free mobility.


Matthew Baldwin, Deputy Director General from DG MOVE, presented the perspective of the European Commission on smart freight logistics. He started his introduction by supporting the objective of the ELP in the need to ‘unlock the potential of smart freight logistics.’ He noted that a proactive approach to innovation is important to fully reap the benefits, whilst recognising that digitalisation should not be an end in itself but a means to achieve decarbonisation and more efficiency in supply chain logistics. Mr Baldwin called on stakeholders to support the Commission in what it should be focusing on, also in the framework of its ‘multimodal year’ (2018). He noted that the Digital transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF) is discussing many issues, such as the ‘disconnected silo’s of information’, which when rightly addressed, will bring new possibilities for interaction between existing and new players in freight logistics. Finally, Mr Baldwin referred to the ‘Mobility Package’ which will be launched by the Commission on the 31th May.


The press release is available in pdf format here.


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