Our Mission


Bringing together policy makers and industry stakeholders

The European Logistics Platform (ELP) has been created to gather policy makers and industry stakeholders to collectively tackle the challenges of the logistics sector such as overstrained infrastructure, climate change, deployment of new technologies, risk management, trade barriers, customs processes and development of e-Commerce.

We are convinced that both groups need to understand each other better in order to find suitable solutions together. Jointly we must use our imagination to ‘think outside the box’, as our common objective is to make European industry more efficient, sustainable and innovative. This would increase EU competitiveness in a world of global trade and maintain the leading edge at international level to secure growth and jobs in Europe.

Promoting a better understanding of logistics: the backbone of our economy 

Logistics enables the physical aspects of supply chain management as it delivers the right thing, at the right place, at the right time and at the right cost. By doing so it is the backbone of the European economy. In fact, logistics is the single biggest industry sector in the EU: it generates €1 trillion of revenue and provides employment to over 7 million Europeans in all European industries.


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